Do you wish marketing and sales was easier?

Do you wish marketing and sales was easier?

Sometimes I think, wow, could this not just be easier? I am glad it is not. Willie asked me; why do people think a website-is-a-website-is-a-website?

Our kids are in Curro. We had parents evening where they explained the curriculum. Part of it is learning website development and coding. This means; in 3 or 4 years-time my kids will be able to work for me; they don’t know it yet ?.

For the past couple of years, I have been saying you can kick-a-rock and 3 website people will roll out. You can go online and get a freelancer. Maybe you have an uncle in the business?

Every week I see another company going online offering a website for R250 per month; everything included. WOW!

Is there such a big demand? Yes. However; most are still at the brochure stage.

Last year November I wrote about the 12-internet marketing pit stops (contact me to get a copy of my 2018 letter).

If you started with a brochure site; that is great … it is a start. Many people have not started yet (if you are in sales why do you not have your own website; or sales funnel, just asking?).

A website; or Facebook page; or LinkedIn account; means nothing without a very clear strategy; linked up with some sales funnels.

Sales funnels and marketing automation is the implementation part of your strategy. When you are clear on your strategy and you implement, you get results.

At our estate we had a water problem. There was a water leak. We got people in who fixed the leak. Two days later there was another leak. Your marketing and sales is the same. When you fix one thing; another leak appears and needs to be fixed. The first step is fixing; getting it into a measurable process.

Here is what a sales funnel may look like:

When you have a measurable process, the real work starts. The thinking and hard-work is improving your process. Is this harder? Yes; it is a lot harder than making a brochure site. You need to think longer term. Be strategic. Read statistics. And the work is more involved. It is a new way of thinking.

Interested in measurable results?  Consider Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels!

I can help you with automating your marketing; getting systems in place and improving the results you are getting from you marketing and sales. I have space for 4 more clients this year. Marketing automation and sales funnels is the future today.

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