Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

I had a client ask a couple why questions. It is great to ask.


Jim Rohn has this quote:

If you never ask, you will never get. But, just because you asked does not mean you will get.

Last week I bought a “course” on digital marketing. That will be #4 this year.

Why another digitial marketing course?

Marketing is a moving target. It changes a lot. On these courses I am looking for those 1 or 2 things that will help clients get better results.

In the last course, I found 3 big ones.

The 1st, is really a game changer. Just asking a couple very easy, simple questions to get a simple answer. 99,99% of all businesses will NOT have an answer.

Why is having that answer important?

If you do not know the answer you will be driving your business with blinders on. Trying to “feel” your way to your destination instead of seeing the road ahead.

Anyway, I am super excited. I will share a video with you going over some of this. BIG aha moment coming your way.

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