What is your baseline?

What is your baseline?

Today is the last financial day for many businesses. The 28th of Feb.

I have a question for you; what will your baseline be for your marketing in 2019?

I saw a client yesterday who is starting on this journey with me. #1 challenge, 0 results from their website.

I have seen this SO many times. They are not sure how many people are visiting or how many sales they make from their website.

There is NO baseline to work from.

If you have 0 traffic on your site, and I help get you 1 visit, that is an unlimited % improvement.

If you have 10 visitors for the month, and I help you get 100 visits, that is an 900% improvement. 

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Bad news. It gets worse. In the next post I am going to ask a question leading from this … AND that one REALLY hurts!


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