What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Many people when they start thinking about having their own websites wonders what is WordPress.

Let us break it down into sections:

What is Worpdress?

WordPress is a website creation tool. It is open source which means it is free to use. It is written in PHP and uses a MYSQL database. This is needed to you can easily add more information to your website. The PHP is the code and links to the MYSQL database. The database holds the information published.

What can you do with WordPress?

WordPress is such a great tool and allows you to do many things. This includes:

  • Blogging
  • Website for personal or business use
  • E-Commerce store
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Members systems
  • Business directory
  • Photo gallery
  • and many more

Who uses WordPress?

More than 25% of ALL websites in the world are built using WordPress. This means 1 out of 4 websites are created using WordPress.

How to get started?

You have 2 main options.

  • Option 1: wordpress.com is a paid service to run a WordPress site or blog
  • Option 2: Is a free version you can host on your domain

How to you run a WordPress site?

There are  4 key items you need to know and understand to be able to use WordPress. These are:

  • Pages: This is the information on the website
  • Posts: We use this as blog posts
  • Themes: This is the look-and-feel or your website (there are free and paid themes)
  • Plugins: This gives you additional functionality on the site

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