What happened to all the leads?

What happened to all the leads?

You get a report that says you had 300 leads. What happened to them?

You ask the sales people for some feedback.

In one voice, they say “they are is sh!t leads.”

You go back to the marketing company and say this is the feedback from the sales guys.

This happened to me.

So; what do you do? 2 things

  1. Get PipdeDrive.
  2. Show me.

1) Get PipeDrive

I helped a client implement this. They discovered R2,5 million and closed R159 000 in the first week. A friend of mine built a R20 million business using this tool.

Why this tool?

  • It is activity based selling. You ONLY have control over your sales activity (not the weather, how the client feels, the economy, nothing else!). This tool drives the right activity.
  • Sales is in the follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.
  • It gives you a dashboard to manage the right activity and see your sales pipeline.

If your sales people KICK HARD against a tool like this; saying it does NOT work; check step 2. There is something else going on.

2) Show Me

While working for a bank I had to do quality assurance audits. What are quality assurance audits? It is checking that the work is done in the right way. They called me the process guy.

I knew every single process for the branch. I could stand still and HEAR the process being done (I did SO many of these). Even started dreaming about processes. Imagine that, dreaming about processes. Maybe that is why I could save the bank R2 million by changing a process slightly.

I use exactly the same process with sales. Show me your sales process.

So; this one company got leads, few sales. Show me your sales process. The secretary was assigned to follow up with leads. She piled them up, and on a Thursday emailed them a price list. No sales. Do you see the problem here? If NOT, call me … I can help!

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