What do you do?

What do you do?

People like putting things in a box. That is how our minds work. If there is not a box, it gets lost in the maize.

Your brain is a maize. Overloaded with information.

The question is this … What do you do? Here are my answers:

I have been working in digital now for 12 years consistently. My biggest mind shift … going from local to global. We think too local. My kids think global.

When we do research and compare local with global traffic, there is really no comparison.

I have also been working on new clients strategies and campaigns. Each one bringing up the same theme. I am so used to international marketing; looking at and learning from people who are performing at the HIGHEST levels. Thing is; most business are not there yet.

There are 12 phases you need to go through. I call these 12 internet marketing pit-stops.

If you do not go through these pit-stops; you do not learn and find the answers. If you go too fast; you also miss those important lessons.

I found you need the attention of an audience; OR traffic first. We started with a company now. They had 40 visits for the month. That is their baseline. In the first 4 days we passed the 40 traffic mark. Go figure.

Another client; over 6800 visits past 30 days.

Will their digital marketing strategies be different compared to the client with 40 visits? YES! They WILL be vastly different. The client on almost 7000 visits have a lot more options.

The client with only 40 people visiting; a lot less options.

We need data first. Create a baseline; then improve from there. Your business might need 30 days (we have clients get leads the same day we go live; and sales soon after); or you might need 12 months to get traction. The less traffic you have; the slower we get data; the slower we progress.

So; 2 questions for you today:

  1. What is your USP? Unique Selling Proposition. Why should I buy from you?
  2. Show me where you are at. If we do not know where we are; we will not be able to get to where we want to go.

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, take a look at my marketing strategy session. The aim is to help you focus.


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