Warm Leads vs Cold Leads

Warm Leads vs Cold Leads

Getting business leads? Awesome. What is the difference between a warm lead and a cold lead?

  • Cold leads. They do not know you.
  • Warm leads. They know you or reached out to you.

Who do you want to talk to? To people who do not know you; or someone who is expecting to hear from you?

The conversation is completely different between the two. The one; you need to introduce yourself; mention the reason for reaching out; and only then (maybe) get the opportunity to have a conversation. That is hard, difficult, painful work.

Compare that to the conversation you have when someone knows you. There are 2 instances here.

  • Lead Scoring: I have been reaching out to people on my database lately. I can see who is most interested (this is called lead scoring). This means; when I phone they know me.
  • Contact Request: Someone fills in a form or phones you. You make contact and the conversation starts.

Here is what lead scoring looks like. This lead has a score of 76. When a person hits a score of 50 they become a lead for me. This triggers certain marketing automations or workflows. Their behavior determines what happens next.

People get busy. They are interested, then something happens in their life. When you reach out because their behavior shows the interest, you can maybe answer a question they had and close a deal. I have done this MANY times. They had one or two easy questions that needed an answer.

Do not miss these opportunities! They are there for you!

And; you can automate this. That is called marketing automation. Let’s say; you consistently get 2 specific questions each time you phone a warm lead; you can put an automation in place to answer those 2 questions. This could be adding them to an email campaign or Facebook campaign to answer those questions. Easy. Interested in more? Here is details on my Advanced Digital Marketing.

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