Are you using video in your marketing?

Are you using video in your marketing?

I liked a post on LinkedIn about sales. More specifically prospecting (I explain why during our corporate LinkedIn training course and the online LinkedIn course).

The mantra of the post; you need to do 4 to 6 hours prospecting per day. That is good. Only thing is; do you have 4 to 6 hours? Most people do not.

For this reason you need to have digital marketing systems and tools working for you.

Here is a quick example. I make videos. Here is my bow tie sales funnel. The video has 145 views so far. That is 145 presentations done while I was doing something else (sleeping; eating; playing tennis; having fun; walking; working on something else).

Has this worked? I asked a client yesterday if they have watched it; they did. And another; and another. I can count 10 clients from the video.

Here are the stats; 145 views; 10 clients … my time? 12 minutes to make the video; 30 minutes planning. Total time; 42 minutes.

In old school terms; how much time would it take for you to do 145 presentations?

  • First getting the appointment (if you are lucky 30 minutes)
  • Driving to the meeting (45 minutes)
  • Doing the presentation (25 minutes)
  • Total time; 100 minutes

If you had to do 145 presentations? 14 500 minutes; that is 241 hours. 30 working days.

Makes sense to use video in your marketing and sales funnel. Now go make 100 videos and duplicate your efforts (X10 your efforts).

The change in your business starts with more clients. Read more on business lead generation.

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