How to use LinkedIn for business

How to use LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn is the worlds #1 business networking site. This is how you to use LinkedIn for business.

Are you using LinkedIn? If you have a business you MUST be on LinkedIn. Why? Because it is where a lot of professional business people spend their time.

Facebook is good for the general public. LinkedIn is made for business.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion. This must show you how important LinkedIn is in the business world.

Just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. For LinkedIn to be used as a business tool you need to be active.

Here are 5 tips to use LinkedIn for business:

  • Tip 1: Update your profile. Have an updated LinkedIn profile
  • Tip 2: Good quality profile photo
  • Tip 3: Check spelling and grammar
  • Tip 4: Share and comment on posts
  • Tip 5: Build your network

LinkedIn is great to help people find a job. But; it is not only finding a job. It is building your network.

Interested in more? Have a look at this online course on How to Use LinkedIn for business.

Do YOU want to know How to Use LinkedIn? This practical online LinkedIn course is for YOU!
After the training you will have updated your profile, published an article, connected with people and be able to use LinkedIn as a business networking tool.

Do you feel like many other professionals? You are logged into LinkedIn and just STARE at the screen. Not sure what to do next. 15 minutes later you log out after doing nothing. You scrolled up, scrolled down, and closed it.

Your friends tell you how great LinkedIn is to connect with other professional business people like you. You feel left out. Alone. Like you are the only person in the world who does not know how to use LinkedIn.

I have some good news for you. In life, everything seems difficult, UNTIL someone shows you how. This LinkedIn course shows you HOW to use LinkedIn, LinkedIn Made Easy.

This is practical LinkedIn training. We use a free LinkedIn account as a business networking and sales prospecting tool. You do not need to use the paid version when you start out. I suggest FIRST getting the hang of it and IF you want more invest in the paid option.

  • Find your way around LinkedIn (know how to use it)
  • Discover how to grow your network (connect with more professional people like you)
  • Use LinkedIn as a sales prospecting tool (if you need to prospect, LinkedIn is the right tool)
  • The LinkedIn training is on the updated LinkedIn platform.


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