How to use LinkedIn for business marketing

How to use LinkedIn for business marketing

LinkedIn is the worlds number one professional networking site. In this post we look at how to use LinkedIn for business marketing.

If LinkedIn is not yet part of your marketing strategy, then it is time to review your strategy. LinkedIn has over 550 million users worldwide. More and more professional people are using LinkedIn to connect with other like minded professionals.

They also follow companies, share ideas, write articles, and build they LinkedIn network.

Here are a couple tips to use LinkedIn for business marketing:

  • Setup a company page. Do not use your personal profile as a company page. The right way is having a company page.
  • Connect employees. People in your company can also use LinkedIn and build the business.
  • Publish content. This can be a post, a video, image or article on LinkedIn.
  • Be active in LinkedIn groups. There are many groups on LinkedIn where you can get involved in. You can also create your own group if you have the time to manage it.
  • Use LinkedIn ads. This is the LinkedIn advertising platform.
  • Review your analytics from time-to-time. This will give you better insight into what is working.

Interested in knowing more? Here is an Online Course on How to Use LinkedIn.


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