The power of incremental sales funnels building momentum

The power of incremental sales funnels building momentum

An increment is a small change. A small adjustment.

If you count to ten by going from 1.1 to 1.2 to 1.3, then you are counting in increments.

In psychology, increments is a powerful concept. It has shown to accomplish incredible things.

In selling this psychological concept becomes an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool, especially when you have sales funnel built around it.

How can you use incremental change in selling and marketing your products and services?

The main reason incremental change is a powerful concept, is because we are less likely to notice small steps.

It is like increasing prices slowly, little by little.

Have you ever seen the uproar then there is a price hike? Everyone gets annoyed and voice their opinion! BUT, when you have smaller, little changes, people do not notice it as much.

This is due to a way in our thinking (known as a ‘cognitive bias’) that causes us to look at things as they relate to other things.

For example, if you are buying a house for R500,000 and the realtor increases the administration cost by R1,000 – chances are that you won’t bat an eyelid. After all, what is R1,000 in relation to $500,000? A very small amount.

But if  you are buying a R100 shirt and the seller wants to increase the it to R1,000… how do you react? Very differently, right?

The R1000 stayed the same, your reaction did not as it is relative to the amount being spent.

Gradual increases are seldom noticed, but over time you can see the change.

How do you sell using incremental change? So how are you going to use this in your sales funnel?

Easy: by slightly increasing the cost of each item that you sell, adding more as you move along. This means your customers will gradually be spending more and more money with you and not noticing it.

If you tried to encourage your visitor to spend R1,000 right away on a training course, chances are they wouldn’t be interested at first.

But sell them an ebook for R100, a video series for R250 and a workshop for R600 and suddenly the jump to R1,000 doesn’t seem quite so much.

They’ve already spent R600 with you, they’ve already had a good experience doing that… so what is R400 more?

Create products and services that build up over time.

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