Tech of the time (and a digital marketing seminar)

Tech of the time (and a digital marketing seminar)

You might not know this, but the ideas for these newsletters and my blog comes from people like you.

Yes, like you.

I met a guy last week in Midrand for a cup of coffee. He did around R150 000 per month in sales from Facebook advertising 2 years ago. Then Facebook changed. Now nothing. No more sales. That was one of the reasons he wanted to talk to me to help get those sales back.

Facebook made some algorithm changes. There were a couple more this weekend, I expect more changes to come. 100 000 likes means nothing anymore.

What worked 2 years ago will not work anymore.

You need to get with the tech of the time.

25 years ago that was the yellow pages.

10 years ago Google.

5 years ago Facebook.

Now Instagram … and a new platform making BIG inroads …

The go to method was to set aside 2% of your business turnover for marketing and sales. That does not work anymore.

In 2015 I presented a digital marketing seminar (click here to book for the next one). One of the topics was the competition you do not see. A friend of mine bought tekkies and a motorbike exhaust online from America back in 2015. He saved around R1000 on the shoes, and about R10 000 on the exhaust. The local guys did not even know they lost those sales.

Yesterday I got another Facebook message from a guy in America to help him out with some marketing. 25 years ago this was not possible. Now it happens daily. Seven days a week.

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