Take your foot off the brake (LinkedIn Training)

Take your foot off the brake (LinkedIn Training)

It is almost school holidays. Funny thing happens during this time in South Africa. People stop working. They put on the brakes.

Interesting enough, some people also put on brakes after a holiday!

Some people also have the brakes on because they do not know how to do something. You know that feeling? You need to do something but have NO idea where to start.

LinkedIn is a good example. Many professionals are on LinkedIn but they never use it to its full capacity.

What could happen if you are able to use LinkedIn a little better? What will happen if you have a bigger network? More connections? Now you can!

Join us for LinkedIn training or In-House Corporate LinkedIn Training.

The training is focused on how to use LinkedIn as a business networking and sales tool.

We updated our training material to be on the new and improved LinkedIn platform.

Stop staring at the screen when you log into LinkedIn. Start knowing how to use the #1 business networking tool. See you there.

Follow the links for more information: LinkedIn training or In-House Corporate LinkedIn Training.

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