Success in sales is first a mindset

Success in sales is first a mindset

To be successful in sales you first need to think you will be successful. Then you need to believe you will. From there you will become successful in sales.

There is a natural progression.

The biggest obstacle in sales is not your competition, not the economy and not the environment. You need to be aware of these but they are not the biggest impact on sales.

The most important factor for successful sales is your mindset, then your believes and then your actions. In that sequence.

Many people “think” they can do sales BUT what they believe and WHAT they do tell a different story. 

What will happen when you TRULY believe it is possible? How much more will you be able to sell?

To believe you need to understand how the mind works. There are two key elements. The first is your conscious mind. It is what you use when you think. You can “feel” it working.

The second is your subconscious mind. It is what lets you do things automatically. 

Many sales people try HARD to change their conscious mind. To change the active thinking. It is like holding a piece of elastic between your fingers and stretching it. For a while it is ok, but after some time you get tired and go back to “old habits”.

To really be successful in sales you need to first work on your subconscious mind. In essence, work on what you really believe.

When you work on your subconscious mind you are working on making it automatic. Without the hard thinking which is VERY tiresome.

You know this to be true and we see it every day. In sport they call it muscle-memory. Training your muscles to work in a certain way. Here it is the same. We are working your subconscious brain muscle. Programming it be successful in sales. It is like super sales training.

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