Stupidity Tax in Business

Stupidity Tax in Business

Do you know what stupidity tax is? It is those things we do, at the time we think it is a good idea; but afterwards; you get that sinking feeling; and ask “WHAT was I thinking”?

I have had my personal share of these. Some hurt a lot. Some less. But, I learned from all of them. And I changed becuase of them.

In business we pay these school fees and learn faster from them, as they really hurt.

When we work with clients we discover MANY of these stupidity taxes. Some hurt a lot. Others less.

Most of the time people do not even know about them. It is not your fault. Nobody told you. You don’t know what you don’t know.

At some point you need to pay the tax. To soften the blow I have made a video for you.

Yes, a video where I talk about 7 of these taxes. Maybe there is one you find. I hope so. It means you stop paying for it. Now that is a good thing!

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