Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social media is a extremely powerful business tool. As a business you can reach your ideal clients on social media. Your customers and potential customers are already using social media marketing. They are interacting with different businesses on social media platforms.

If you are NOT using social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy, you are MISSING out!

Social Media Marketing 101

What is social media marketing? It is the active engagement on social media platforms with your audience.

Social media marketing has two key elements:

  • Organic Reach: When you post on social media, images, text or video, it reaches a certain percentage of your audience. There are a couple of factors impacting this reach
  • Paid Advertising: Paid advertising is where you pay to be in front of your ideal customer.

Social Media Strategic Marketing Plan

Social media marketing starts with a plan. By having a clear plan you get better results. Here are some of the key items to cover in your social media marketing plan:

  • Who is your ideal customer? This is also called an avatar
  • What do you want to achieve with social media marketing?
  • What channels or social media platforms will you use?
  • Who will be responsible for your social media?
  • What is your core message?
  • What content do you need for social media marketing?

What is social media marketing? Social media marketing is defining your ideal channels where your ideal client is and creating a message for them. Once you have done this, you go to market with a campaign. This campaign is monitored and improved over time.

Why is building an audience is important? The bigger the audience, the more people you reach. It is however, not just the size of the audience. Engagement with your audience is extremely important. If there is not engagement a big audience will not help.

What is organic reach on social media? Depending on the size of your audience, your engagement and the social media platform, you will have a certain reach. A critical factor is the social media platform. They change their algorithm from time to time. For instance, on Facebook ads you could reach 30% of your audience a while back. Now, that reach is sometimes only 3%. On Instagram the current reach is higher. We expect this to also decrease over time as more people start using it.

Social Media Paid Ads? Paid Facebook ads are advertisements you pay for to reach your audience. There are various type of advertisements you can run. This includes static images, carousels, videos, and message ads. We see having a sales funnel for your paid ads works very well to track results.

Here are our social media marketing packages

There is a range of social media sites. These can be used to create awareness and drive traffic to your website. Setup for social media is R2500 per business. Posts will be published on these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • 2 Posts per week: R495 pm (content supplied)
  • 4 Posts per week: R995 pm (content supplied)
  • 8 Posts per week: R1495 pm (content supplied)
  • Content Creation: Quoted (we need to determine what content will be needed)
  • Paid Campaigns: Min R1500 monthly management plus 5% of budget (setup R2500)
  • Content is supplied by you. We have designer and content writers who can assist with creating content.

Contact us today for a detailed quote on Social Media Marketing.

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