Business Marketing is different to Large Corporate Marketing

Business Marketing is different to Large Corporate Marketing

There are a couple of key things to know when doing marketing for a business.
The first is; the decision to go to market is done quickly, and this sometimes BREAKS it.
In large corporate businesses it takes a long time to get marketing moving. People review it. You might need approval from 10 other people. Go back and change it. Come back again for approval.

Why is this important?

Two reasons; the first is many times marketing is NOT thought through well enough.

There is this story of a business owner who made marketing decisions at his breakfast table with the kids.
A lot more is involved than just placing an advertisement on Facebook, Google or local newspaper.
The second is; marketing is NOT an event.
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The second is; marketing is NOT an event. It is a consistent activity. This means you plan your marketing and continue for a long time. I have seen SO many businesses market for 2 months and then stop. In business marketing is a consistent activity. It builds momentum.

If you have a good friend, you talk for weeks, and suddenly you stop talking for 6 months. How will that relationship be? Strained? You bet! Marketing is the same.

There are 3 key areas to focus on when you are marketing:

  • Who is your ideal client (who are you targeting)
  • What is you message (what are you offering?)
  • What channel will you use?

Once you have pinned down the 3 key focus areas you move ahead with a pilot campaign. It is a small campaign to test and see WHAT works. This means setting everything up and going to market. The market votes with their wallets.

I have seen the wrong message (offer), offered to the wrong crowd (ideal client; but they are not interested in the offer), tested on different channels; and it does NOT work. You need ALL 3 in harmony. Much like a rock band playing together. If the lead guitar is out; and the drummer is on a different beat; then there is NO music either. Just noise. Your marketing is the same. Just background noise in the market.

Multi phase sales followup approach

It is SO important to have a follow up process in place. Just because someone did not buy the moment they landed on your sales page does not mean they will NEVER buy. Keep following up.

The money is in the follow up.

Have a longer follow up process in place and mix it up. Change it, make it different to keep people engaged.

Marketing Measurement is KEY

Are you measuring your marketing? Nope. Not a good idea. How will you know if it is working or not? You MUST have key measurements in place to track results.

Interested in better marketing? Contact me today for a FREE 30 minute review. If I can help we start with a marketing strategy session. Once your marketing is planned we help you implement pilot campaigns to test the market. If a pilot campaign works; we extend its reach and channels. BUT, it ALL starts with having a CLEAR plan. Contact me now.

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