Simple Lead Tracking Software That WORKS!

Simple Lead Tracking Software That WORKS!

CRM in sales is many times like taking a bazooka to hit a fly! Right? For many businesses a simple sales lead tracking software tool (that works) will do.

Lead management is such an important function. It does not make sense to spend all the money on marketing only to drop the ball on following up leads.

The money is in the list … the fortune is in the follow up.

That is what sales is. It is follow up.

And; if you fail at follow up, you fail at sales.

So; you need to have a tool to give you super powers to help with follow up.

The other BIG trick is making your sales process faster. The faster you can follow up, the more sales you can make.

Let’s look at a normal day in sales. Let’s say you can touch base with 10 leads per day on the phone. Each person asks for some product information.

How long does it take you to:

  1. Type up the email
  2. Attach the right document

Seems simple; 2 steps … BUT … I have seen how each email take a sales person 30 minutes. That is 300 minutes in a day for 10 people. That is 5 hours of work for 10 emails. How much better will it be if you can cut that time in half! Or do it even faster?

Yes, it is possible with the right sales lead management tool. Too often we waste time on things that can be done in a lot less time.

The more time you have selling; the more sales you make. The more time you spend on admin; the less time you have selling.

Makes a lot of sense to rather focus on where the money is … and that is the follow up. Getting information to a prospect fast … and be on top of YOUR sales game!

It has never been easier. Get a FREE report on how to X2 your sales … and the best, simple lead tracking and management tool to help you X2 your sales in record time!

One of the best sales tools you have is in your pocket … your cell phone. Your phone is a selling machine! IF, and only IF you decide to use it to make more sales.

I was working with a client last year. She was typing away on her phone. Couple hours later and R100 000 in sales she was done. She was sending messages to clients on Whatsapp. And in a couple hours she raked in sales! It was amazing to see.

You can also have ALL your sales leads at the tip of your fingers with this sales lead tracking tool. Never miss a follow up. Make more sales. You can use your phone as sales generating tool!

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