SEO in South Africa

SEO in South Africa

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO in South Africa is similar to other SEO work done. The difference is search volume, location and competition.

When you look at some overseas markets you will see there are more searches than in South Africa. This means; a city like New York has more people searching per day compared to the whole of South Africa. Crazy, right!

The second big difference is competition. Some markets have a lot of competitors. They have been working on ranking and search terms for a long time. This makes it harder to compete in these markets.

Location, location, location.

When buying property those are extremely important. SEO in South Africa is the same. It is focused on local type of searches. This also means you should have your website located in South Africa. it shows the search engine you where you are based and improves your rankings.

When hiring an SEO consultant (it does get technical; and there is a lot of work involved) it is important to think about long term results. This is a long term game. You are not looking for quick fixes. Rather invest in a long term strategy.

When you start getting more traffic from search engines and you work on increasing the traffic it is an amazing experience.

For SEO to work well you need to have a good website. A good website is a fast site; easy navigation, with a lead conversion and sales focus.

Blogs are great to have more people visit your website. When they do visit, you need a way for them to contact you. There are various options for you to choose.

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