SEO prices South Africa

SEO prices South Africa

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the focused effort to improve the visibility of a website, or a web page, or domain to get better results, higher rankings, in search engines.

This is referred to as organic listings. The higher your ranking, the more traffic to your website from search engines. This traffic can be converted to leads or sales on your websites.

There are a range of search engines, Google, Bing, YouTube and more. Yes, YouTube is also considered to be a search engine. It is the 2nd most visited site in the world after Google.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps to improve your site in two ways. On-site, and Off-site. On-site is everything done on the website. This includes website speed, coding, images, words, tags, etc. Off-site is getting relevant links to your website.

It is important to have a mobile friendly website as more and more traffic is coming from mobile phones.

As a professional seo company we can help you with improving your rankings in search engines.

SEO Prices

  • ​Local SEO: R995 pm
  • City SEO: R1995 pm
  • Regional SEO: R3995 pm
  • National SEO: R9995 pm

These prices are used as a baseline. More competitive markets will require more work. Contact us today for a detailed market review, competitor analysis and website audit.

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