Sales Funnels – Do they convert more leads into more sales?

Sales Funnels – Do they convert more leads into more sales?

Having a website is not enough anymore. The digital marketing game has changed a lot! Sales funnels are here and they are the future.

Why are sales funnels so powerful?

For two reasons:

  1. They give people a clear path to follow
  2. They are measurable

Here is an example; we have generated over 1000 leads for a client for less than R3000 a month using the power of a sales funnel!

When we pushed people to their website; they did NOT get 1000 leads. It was not even 30 leads for the whole month! Now we generate more than 30 leads A DAY! In the graph below, on one day it was 76 leads; in one day! Amazing!

Do you see the difference between a website and sales funnel?

Just because someone starts on your sales funnel; does not mean they will buy the first time they see an offer. There are three parts here:

  1. The offer: The offer you are making will make or break the sale. Do NOT go from zero to hero! Start with an incredible and affordable deal; aka an irresistible offer.
  2. The pre-frame: In what state of mind did they arrive at your funnel? Was it a good one; or a bad one? Do they have a desperate need or are they just browsing? It makes a BIG difference!
  3. Marketing automation: People want to be communicated to at their current level. Marketing automation makes this possible. There are different levels for this to be effective.

Here are the stats for one page using one channel. 1252 leads from, 8 Jan to 25 Feb, 2019.

Sales Funnel Do Not Just Happen!

This does not just happen. It is work. Thinking. Testing. Improving. Thinking is the hardest part here.

Most people are SO conditioned in their business that they almost never see a different way of doing things. That is until the competition does something radically different.

Interested in your own sales funnel? I can help!

I help businesses implement sales funnels.

There are a lot of moving parts when you start using sales funnels. It is not just one page and you are done! Most people do not realize what all needs to be in place for an effective funnel. It is a process. It is a system. It is a sales funnel.




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