ROAS in e-commerce vs quotes

ROAS in e-commerce vs quotes

ROAS stands for Return On Advertising Spend.

If you have an e-commerce business it is easier. You track sales via your e-commerce platform.

If you do quotes; it becomes harder. Why? Because you have phone calls and people completing webforms.

This is why you need to use systems to track and measure results.

Some markets take a LONG time to convert into sales. Other markets are a lot quicker.

Where do you begin? You start with tracking.

What do you track? The important stuff first. You need to get a baseline.

For instance;

  • Website traffic
  • Marketing investment
  • Leads
  • Sales

These 4 measurements can get us moving in the right direction.

  • If you do not know; or have little or no traffic to your website; you will not have any results.
  • If you are not getting leads; there will be no sales.
  • If you are not making sales; then there is something else going on in your business.

Finding the RIGHT place to start is the first step.

If you have NEVER marketed before; you need to know you are going into a learning curve. The focus will be getting a campaign going first then from there improve results.

Do you know your sales statistics? No? Maybe it is time for better marketing. Contact me today.

I can help you with:

  • Lead generation: Get more leads
  • Sales Funnels: Improve conversion rates and improve sales
  • Lead Management Tools: Manage your leads better for improved follow up (sales is in the follow up)
  • Marketing Automation: Save time and get your marketing working better


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How? First help you get a consistent flow of sales leads, implement marketing and sales systems for better results from your current marketing and sales activities, and improve consistently from there. This includes, lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead management, growth hacking, and marketing automation.






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