Results in marketing and sales lead generation campaigns

Results in marketing and sales lead generation campaigns

I said to my wife, I will write a post today that will make sales. No pressure. So, enjoy.

For the past 2 years I have digged into a thing called growth hacking. Most businesses are still stuck with just having a “working” website.

A working website means when you visit your website; it is mobile friendly, has information on it and converts at 2,68% (that is the average conversion rate of a website). That is a working website. That might not even be what you have currently. Do you KNOW what your website is currently converting at currently? No? This is for you.

Here is a client, I helped increase traffic 93%, conversion rate is at 7,85% for ALL traffic. That is 195% better than the average of 2,68%. His paid search is on 9.68%. That is 261% better than the average. I am not guessing here, this is FACT. Here is proof.

Here is another client converting at 47.95% (check the from-to-date).

That is a 1691% improvement on the average 2,68%. Are you getting a 48% conversion? No? Maybe it is time to talk?

I did a check; I have helped clients x2 sales. Helped increase traffic x2. Helped increase sales; ROI of 22 and more. A client invested R10 000 and made R159 000 in sales in the first week. That is an 149 ROI. Crazy, right?

Here is the thing, most “website designers” DO not know this.

My sister is a designer. She is an awesome designer. She studied years to be great at it. But; x2 leads, or x3 traffic is NOT her job. That is my job. That is WHAT I do for a living. Yes, I ask good money for that. In 2006 I wrote THE book on 18 marketing gaps. I know HOW to close those gaps and get results.

One of my biggest lessons in 2018 was this …

Because you do not know where you are, improving it means very little. I was on a Skype session with a potential client. I asked how much traffic they have on their website. They did NOT know. How can you improve if you do not know? Simple, you can’t!

If you had to go to the bank, invest some money and get a 7% return over a year, you might be happy. I get 1490% returns for some clients.

Marketing is a beast. And Sales is THE hardest job in the world (I have been in a lot of jobs; and sales is THE hardest … no comparison). Sales is also is the BEST paying job in the world.

Here is another BIG lesson form last year.

There is a learning curve to get marketing then sales right. If you have NEVER invested in marketing, and you are in a difficult or competitive market, it takes time. Sometimes a long time. It is experimenting what is working to get it right and flowing. Not just the marketing, the sales process as well. A winning campaign depends 100% on a great sales process.

One client did ZERO sales from a lead generation campaign (114 leads). We gave EXACTLY the same campaign to another company and they made PLENTY of sales! What made the difference? You bet. Their sales process.

Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times when he tried to create the light bulb. Edison allegedly said, “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb.”

You learn from successes, and you learn a LOT MOTE from your failures. You only stop learning when you give up and stop. I have had a lot of failures. I learned from them. A lot. At the time of the failure it hurts. It hurts a lot.

When we start working together; it is not just what we do together, it is also my experience and learning with ALL the previous campaigns I have done.

Clients getting leads worth R48 000 000 in 3 years. x2 traffic, x2 leads and more. If you have 0 leads, and I get you 2 leads … that is an unlimited increase! If I get you 100 leads, that is still unlimited improvement!

Why am I on this rant? One reason. There is a STRONG chance I can help you. For the next 30 days I am going to go on a journey to get you to REALLY think about your marketing and sales. Ask the questions to your team I will be asking you, and look at the blank stares! I am going to push hard where it hurts the most. You are not going to like it because it hurts. It hurts because it is the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

You have ONE thing to do now. Take the next step. I start at R2500 per month to get you traffic. We can grow together from there.

You even get a report on 15 ideas that WILL change your business (for free) when you take the next step.

Scrolled to here? There is a good chance I can help you with your marketing and sales. Take the next step.

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