The pre-sell using AIDA marketing model

The pre-sell using AIDA marketing model

In this video I talk about a pre-sell. What needs to happen before someone buys from you.

We offer a marketing machine. It works for HIGHER value transactions, products and some services where the first sale is worth a lot of money OR if there is long-term value in the relationship with the client. (This works even better if there is some urgency when making a sale.)

This is only for people who have a business up and running at this moment. You must be actively selling stuff. You must be willing to advertise or currently be advertising. Advertising is the fuel needed for your marketing machine.

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I am a marketing growth hacker helping businesses build marketing and sales machines.

How? First help you get a consistent flow of sales leads, implement marketing and sales systems for better results from your current marketing and sales activities, and improve consistently from there. This includes, lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead management, growth hacking, and marketing automation.






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