Passive Income vs Active Income

Passive Income vs Active Income

I watched a video last night. This guy explained how he sees the difference between the two.

My mind got working.

You see; there is a process, and an understanding of the two. You see the pictures, you see the numbers, BUT do you really understand?

Here is my take on it:

  • Active income: This is when you work. If you are not working, you are not making money.
  • Passive income: This is when you get paid, while you are not working.

Many people think it is not possible to generate passive income. It is possible.

What you need to know:

  • It is work to create passive income
  • There are certain steps to take
  • You must develop certain skills
  • You must develop a certain mindset

All of it is possible. There is a story about a mentor and a guy. The guy wanted to be successful. His mentor said meet me at the ocean early the next morning.

The next morning as they stood there in-front of waves breaking, his mentor said they needed to go into the cold water.

The guy was not impressed.

As they got knee high; the mentor said they needed to go even deeper.

As the ocean got to their middles, the mentor said to to guy to take a deep breath and go under water.

The guy took a DEEP breath, and went under the water. That is when the mentor held is head under.

The guy stared to worry as time went passed. Even more time went passed. He started to really get worried as the air in his lungs got less.

He started to struggle under the water. He pushed hard and the mentor let go.

As he broke the surface he gasped for air. Breathing heavily now.

He shouted at the mentor, WHAT THE #$@#? I almost drowned!

His mentor answered slowly, you will not be successful until you want it as much as you want to breathe.

Most people stop when it gets too hard. Because it does! It takes work and dedication. A daily commitment.

Thing is, you can do it! You need to take that first step towards your goal.

My goal; was starting at $1 per day. Then $10 per day. Now working towards $100 per day.

Deciding is easy. Starting is hard. To keep going is the hardest.

Nothing happens unless you take action.

Here are a couple of courses to help you on this road:

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