Moving the needle in sales and marketing

Moving the needle in sales and marketing

What moves the needle in your business? To move the needle you should not rely on one thing to make it happen.

To move the needle you need to do many things. It is like an engine in a car.

For the engine to move it does not rely on one part.


For the engine to move many parts need to work together. Your business is the same.

Just because the parts are moving does not mean the engine is working optimally.

If your engine has a piston which misfires, or does not work, you are losing precious fuel in the combustion chamber.

The fuel does not ignite and is wasted.

For you to move the needle your engine needs to work at the best possible level.

Bigger companies have much bigger engines with more moving parts (especially people).

Some companies have lighter engines with less parts. For this reason they can move much faster.

In your business, ensure your engine is working at the right level.

Pushing your engine and running on high revs will eventuality burn it out.

There are times when the engine runs harder … and then there are times when the engine needs to be serviced.

Do the same in your business.

From time-to-time run the engine harder. Clean it out. Push it a little. Do not let it just idle. That is not why you are in business, right? To be idle while opportunity is all around.

And, take the engine for a service. Have it checked out. Put some work into it. Make it go faster.

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