Monthly improvement report … this made my day!

Monthly improvement report … this made my day!

I received this from a client today …

Dankie Johan. Dit lyk BAIE goed!

Here is the reason why …

In March 2018 they had 2983 visits to their website. This was already substantially more than the month before. Their Google analytic goals were also not setup correctly. It showed a lot more goal conversions than what it should have been. The goal was a page visit, and not a lead. We are looking for leads, not just page visits.

Fast forward a couple months. Their traffic has increased to almost 9000 visits per month.

Here is the clincher … his Adwords budget in Feb 2018 was R25 818 and his budget in July 2019 was R25 111. That is R707 less more than a year later, but we had 5000 more visits and 543 more leads.

These images are from his weekly report. He gets a report every Friday from us. Once a month we sit and go over the details.

Here is what I have learned from this, marketing is not a one time thing. It takes work and consistent effort to make it better.

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