Master of Duplication in Marketing and Sales

Master of Duplication in Marketing and Sales

​I like to duplicate effort for maximum results. If that sounds like management whoo-raah, it’s not. Let me explain using this example.

In business you are already doing many things. A lot happens in a day.

Most businesses never think how they can apply what they do and multiply it, duplicate the effort already done.

Here is an example of a training company.

The CORE business of a training company is training people.

Before an training event they market it. This marketing is done using different channels like a website, social media, email, etc.

Here is how to duplicate their efforts:

* On the day:

  • Take photos and share these
  • Hastag keywords on the day and share
  • Quick snippets or sayings for the day
  • Get feedback from attendees

* After the event

  • Collate the pictures in a video and post to Youtube, share after
  • Post comments and feedback from the training
  • Add the company to your clients list
  • Send the client a CD with the feedback, video and photos as a thank you gift

Do you see HOW one event is duplicated?

This can be done in ANY type of business. It does take a little bit of extra effort BUT the pay off is just that much higher!

There are three key factors for this to work:

1) It must be planned before (this is not an ad-hoc thing)

2) It must be done in a timely manner (do not wait 3 months, that is too long)

3) Someone (a person) must be responsible for it; make it happen

Think how you can be a master of duplication in your business.

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