Marketing structures for better marketing and sales performance

Marketing structures for better marketing and sales performance

I had a Skype session with a guy yesterday. He is in America. We arranged the call on Facebook messenger and 5 hours later we talked for 1 hour 3 minutes and 22 seconds. I did this from the comfort of my office desk. No travelling. Very little cost.

I did a fair bit of travelling when it was raining hard in Gauteng about 2 weeks ago (getting to Bryanston one morning from Pretoria was a 2+ hour trip). Nothing like being stuck in traffic to appreciate some luxuries again.

The call yesterday was around marketing strategy; marketing tactics; and marketing automation (a lot of marketing; right?).

Working on a clients campaign 2 weeks ago I took a piece of paper from the printer on my desk. Sometimes it is just easier to draw it on paper (and not sit in front of your computer where you get distracted by emails or figuring out how a program works, or trying to make it look pretty).

From this A4 piece of paper came a new layout of marketing. A strategic structure to support your marketing and sales efforts. This is the reason I had the call with the guy in America.

We have tested different sections of the new marketing structure already and I know it works.

November last year I started writing what I now call my 2018 client letter. In this letter I share the idea of 12 internet marketing pit stops. The call yesterday re-affirmed the marketing structure and the 12 internet marketing pit stops.

This is your journey.

Your journey is at a certain point. Getting to the next pit stop is your next goal. Your business is either growing; or it is dying.

Marketing 20 years ago is not the same as marketing today. The 2 biggest reasons are measurements and cost effectiveness. It is faster than ever to reach your ideal target market at a much lower cost. This does mean more people are using online marketing; which increases the competition and decreases the attention span of your ideal client.

20 years ago most companies advertised a product or service and people called or visited the business to buy. In the classified section of the newspaper you would find direct marketers. They went about this a little differently. They asked for your contact details for a free or low cost something. Then they send you more stuff to buy.

Most businesses are still stuck in marketing that worked 20 years ago.

The thinking is putting up one advertisement; and the money will roll in.

Internet marketing is more like the classified ads found back in the day. You build a database. You offer value. Create opportunities to buy. Measure the results. Change and improve each step.

20 years ago it was a lot of hard work to get statistics on what is working and what must be tweaked. Today we have systems giving us instant feedback.

Interested in better marketing?

In the next 2 weeks we are finishing and polishing this marketing structure. We have capacity to help 15 businesses on this journey for the next 12 months.

This is ideal for companies who have sales people and no lead management system; spending R10 000 or more per month on advertising; selling higher value products. Some markets include air-conditioning, blinds, trucks, generators, solar, home improvement, office furniture, air compressors, pumps, alarm systems, cctv, awnings, canopies, wendy houses, catering equipment, containers, crane hire, forklifts, palisade fencing, swimming pools, industrial machines, equipment rentals, auctions, and many more!

I am also entering into exclusivity agreements. This means we will not take on a client in the same industry as yours (a couple of industries we are already very active in).

This is not for everyone. If you just started; or have low value sales; or have very little traffic to your website this will not work for you. This might be a better start (lead generation).

If this is for you, please visit this page. Nothing happens unless you take action:

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