Marketing and Sales Software Platforms

Over the past couple of years we have tried a WHOLE bunch of software. Here are the ones we typically use ourselves and or for clients:

Landing Page Builder ~ LeadPages

You need something to create high converting landing pages, and this is it. We use not only to generate leads, but also to sell. It is fast, easy to use, and has a bunch of integrations that help link with different tools.

There is also a website builder.

There is also a lead tracking.

Start your free trial here and easily create landing pages.

Marketing Automation ~ Drip

Your business depends on people buying again and email marketing is one of THE best methods to do this. Email marketing has evolved into marketing automation. This means, you setup campaigns based on peoples behaviors. This not only saves you time, but you are also able generate more revenue. Because the automation is a process, you can see results and improve it, which then generates more revenue and saves you more time. Every business MUST use email marketing as part of their overall marketing campaigns. The stats shows that you could get as much as $46 return for every $1 invested. Now that is a GREAT return. More details here.

Online Training Platform ~ Teachable

There are many online course platforms. This one is my favourite for a couple reasons.

  1. No hosting required: You can link and use the online platform, no hosting required.
  2. Video: Many courses require video. This is included on Teachable. You do not need a another provider to host your videos.
  3. Online Payment Processor: Included in the package is using their payment processor which means you can get started quickly.
  4. Upsell: You can have an upsell offer after an initial purchase and is really easy to setup.
  5. Bumps: As part of the sales you can offer a bump which increases the average order value.
  6. Coaching: If you offer coaching, teachable helps with that as well.
  7. Affordable: Considering EVERYTHING you get, it is really afordable
  8. Training: They offer superb training to help you get the most from the platform as well as courses and events from other course providers
  9. Mobile Friendly Sales Pages: They have worked on having easy to update, mobile friendly sales pages. You do not need another tool or website to create sales pages.

Websites ~ WordPress

We have used and tried many different options. WordPress we found has the most functionality and offers great value for money. The updates are good, the platform is stable and you can easily extend functionality using extensions and or getting some development done. WordPress is open sources which means the code is available to work on and change.

Social Posting ~ PostPlanner

If you intend on posting on social media, you need a tool to help especially when you want to get better results. The two biggest challenges are:

#1 finding consent to post

#2 posting content

PostPlanner helps with both. You can schedule posts far in advance and you can find relevant content. This is a BIG time saver.

Lead Management Tool aka CRM ~ PipeDrive

If you have a volume of leads and or have higher valued transactions, then you need a CRM to keep track of everything. Without a CRM it becomes almost imposible to track all the leads and follow up required to close deals. But, not ALL of these tools are the same.

PipeDrive is build by sales people for sales people. It works and sales people love using it. Many other tools out there are clunky and cumbersome to use. PipeDrive is not. It is easy to learn.

It also has great reporting functionality allowing you to see where the sales a lacking or blocked. From there you can focus on moving sales along.

They use an unique methodology of understanding your sales pipeline. Having a clear view from sales person level, up-to organizational level helps sales manager support sales to close more deals.

There is also a phone app. This helps sales people on the road to keep track and easily make updates on the go.

Project Management ~ Avaza

When excel is not enough, and you have a team of people, and there is a LOT of moving parts and stuff to do you need a project management tool. Our choice is Avaza. It offers project management and A LOT more. This includes:

  • Project management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Time and Expense tracking
  • Team chat
  • Quoting clients
  • Invoicing clients

If you have a service type business where you need to manage projects, keep track of work, plan and schedule your resources, then Avaza is the right tool for you.

Design Tool ~ Canva

You can’t go wring using Canva. It is an online design tool to help you design social posts and so much more. It is easy to learn, and easy to use.

Screen Capture – Snagit

For ALL our courses and videos where we need to capture the screen, we use Snagit. It is a product from Techsmith. They also have more advanced video editing software if you need to more.

Webinars ~ WebinarJam