Marketing and Sales Software Platforms

Over the past couple of years we have tried a WHOLE bunch of software. Here are the ones we typically use ourselves and or for clients:

Landing Page Builder ~ LeadPages

You need something to create high converting landing pages, and this is it. We use not only to generate leads, but also to sell. It is fast, easy to use, and has a bunch of integrations that help link with different tools.

There is also a website builder.

There is also a lead tracking.

Start your free trial here and easily create landing pages.

Below is my LeadPages account.

Marketing Automation ~ Drip

Your business depends on people buying again and email marketing is one of THE best methods to do this. Email marketing has evolved into marketing automation. This means, you setup campaigns based on peoples behaviors. This not only saves you time, but you are also able generate more revenue. Because the automation is a process, you can see results and improve it, which then generates more revenue and saves you more time. Every business MUST use email marketing as part of their overall marketing campaigns. The stats shows that you could get as much as $46 return for every $1 invested. Now that is a GREAT return. More details here.

Websites ~ WordPress

We have used and tried many different options. WordPress we found has the most functionality and offers great value for money. The updates are good, the platform is stable and you can easily extend functionality using extensions and or getting some development done. WordPress is open source which means the code is available to work on and change.

Social Posting ~ PostPlanner

If you intend on posting on social media, you need a tool to help especially when you want to get better results. The two biggest challenges are:

  • Time: I use a basic content calendar. On a Friday morning I schedule all my posts for the upcoming week. Instead of trying to post daily which could easily take an hour or more. On a Friday with some focused effort all my posts are scheduled within 60 minutes.
  • Logging into platforms: What probably what takes the longest is to log into a platform like FB or IG or LinkedIn … finding the post button … uploading a video or image … entering the details. Doing it multiple times.

PostPlanner helps with both. You can schedule posts far in advance and you can find relevant content. This is a BIG time saver. Here is a screen shot of 99 posts I scheduled on post planner. This is posts I scheduled on 3 platforms, 7 days in advance. You can do more depending on the package you are on.