How to market your business on social media

How to market your business on social media

You have seen your competition marketing on social media. Now it is your turn. In this blog post we look at how to market your business on social media.

Here are a couple of ideas to help and guide you with marketing your business on social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

Before anything else; create a strategy. Waking up one morning, posting a random image will not work. It is more effective to have a social media strategy.

What is a social media strategy? It is defining who your ideal customers are; what platforms you will use; the message and the actions you want people to take.

Choosing the right social media platforms

There are so many platforms to choose from. You need to decide which one will work best for you.

There are 2 important considerations most businesses miss.

  • Direct targeting (cold traffic): If you are targeting people directly you need have something that stands out. You will need to attract their attention in a big way. This typically part of sales funnel.
  • Re-marketing (warm traffic): They have visited your website; watched a video or done something else to interact with your business. This is not as direct and not as cold.

There are a couple of social media platforms to choose from. Select those relevant to your business. These include:

  • Google Business: Register your business on Google business.
  • Facebook: Have a company page and even a group.
  • Twitter: Get a twitter account and start tweeting.
  • Instagram: Get an account and share ideas; photos and videos
  • Pinterest: Create pins and share ideas
  • YouTube: Create and share videos. Demonstrations and how to videos are popular.

Create a Social Media Calendar

This is part of your planning. Plan your content and publishing on a calendar. This helps you with your message and when you want to do what.

Part of your social media calendar is deciding on:

  • Organic posts: These are post done on a live feed. It reaches a certain number of people. The aim is HIGH engagement. You want to people to comment and share. This increased the spread and reach.
  • Paid Advertisements: Here you are paying to reach customers. You define your audience and reach them according to your advertising budget.

Use Social Media Tools

There are social media tools available to you to help monitor and improve you social media marketing. Getting an understanding of when to post for the best engagement goes a long way to get the best results from your social media marketing (if you are interested in a social media tool we can help).

Use Videos

Video has higher engagement compared to static posts. People like to watch video. It also keeps them engaged for longer. Ensure you make this part of your social media strategy.

Build a Community

Social networks is just that; social. They are small communities where people share ideas. The more like minded people join your community to higher your engagement and the more people you will reach.

Add Value

Add value to peoples lives. We are all very busy and seeing now value in posts decreases engagement. How do you add value? We have seen educating people goes a long way to build trust and people appreciate the new knowledge.

Be Consistent

Consistent and relevant updates on your social media platforms help engage with your audience. This engagement drives traffic. If you only post once a month you will not get the right type of engagement. More frequent, consistent engagement works better.


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