How to market your business online

How to market your business online

You have a business and you need customers. A business exists to create a customer. No customers, no business. Here are a couple of ways on how to market your business online.

  1. Website: You need a website. If people want to know more about your business, your products, your service having a website helps you do this.
  2. Business directories: List your business with business directories. This helps people find you.
  3. Google Business: Register and establish a Google business account for your business.
  4. Social Media Sites: Create an account with the various social media sites. Update and connect.
  5. Facebook Business Page: Very important to have a Facebook business page. People can like your page and you can use it as a marketing tool.
  6. LinkedIn Business Page: A LinkedIn business page is extremely important to have. This is the professional network for business people.
  7. Logo: Ensure you have a good quality logo to use on all your online sites.
  8. Slogan: What do you stand for? A slogan helps people connect with your business.
  9. Blog: Create and update a blog. Share ideas.
  10. Forums: Join relevant forums and answer questions; have discussions.
  11. YouTube: Create an account and publish videos.
  12. Go Live: Use YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook go live features.
  13. Database: Ask people for their contact information. Start building a database of people to stay in touch with.
  14. Whatsapp: Use whatsapp as a mobile marketing tool.

It is important to have a marketing strategy. There are different types of marketing strategies. Here are more ideas on how to market your business.


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