How many marketing ideas can you share?

How many marketing ideas can you share?

So; I have been on this quest to write a lot more.

What is a lot more? 1,2, 3 blogs a day. Around 1000 to 1500 words a day. Here is what I have learned:

  • It is a daily thing
  • You need time to get, really, into it
  • Sit and write
  • Staring at a white, blank screen is OK for 1 second, then start writing
  • Write about what you have learned today
  • Write about what happened today
  • Why is what happened today important?
  • Think about your past … learn from it
  • Keep on discovering
  • Keep on reading
  • Keep on watching

There are golden nuggets to be discovered in everything we do. You never know when you will discover it.

That is why; it is so important to write down your ideas.

BUT, an idea is nothing; UNLESS it is implemented. That is where the cost is.

I found so many people documenting their ideas, testing it, AND then putting it into an official process. That process gets documented. This means it is repeatable. Someone else can do it.


Imagine that. What marketers then do is give it, that process, an unique name. That name is them their “method” on how to get a certain result. That result can now be achieved by following the steps. Go from A to B … take these 10 steps.

For some things in life; those steps will work for a lot of people. In marketing; you have a couple of challenges not found in other industries or markets.

You can learn what marketing is in a day …

it will take a life time to get good at it. Like all great skills it is a time investment.

If I had to give you my best discovered ideas from today:

  • There is a BIG difference between mobile and desktop traffic, especially in their behavior
  • Home pages has a formula (make them stay, BIG benefit; and HOW you get them that benefit)
  • We are still stuck with our marketing … it is trying the same things in a different way … this is NOT innovation … this is a just different wrapping paper
  • Do the basics right first, then get great at the basics
  • Go and do it … do the basics … not the rocket science (rocket science burns rocket fuel!)

  • Take time and think … slowly, clearly, focused

Have an awesome day!

One last thought … Gary V … go to an old age home. See how it is. How people live. Their pain. Their joy. A day in the life of someone who is 80 or 90. Then, get back to work on having the business and life you want.


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