How to Make Money Online and Work From Home

How to Make Money Online and Work From Home

You have heard it so many times. reality is different. Technology has changed so much that making money online and working from home is a lot easier than ever before.

Here are a couple tips to think about:

  1. Commitment: You need to commit. It is work. It takes time. Jim Rohn said; work harder on yourself than your job. Self education will make you a fortune. You need to study and learn.
  2. Not a Home Business: This is not a home. This is a business. See most people think the word home is important here. It is not. It is the word business.
  3. Online Headquarters: Your business is where you are with a laptop and internet connection. We are living in a world where a lot more is possible.
  4. Think Global, Not Local: We fall in this trap of offering products and services only locally. We are in a global world. You can offer products and services on a global scale. Yes, it is possible.
  5. Business Hours: You decide your business hours. Being online you can run your business 24/7, taking orders ALL day long!

A home-based business has 3 big advantages:

a) Lower overheads (less cost; lower investment)

b) Access to global markets (digital and online world makes this possible)

c) Nimble (you can move fast and take advantage of opportunities)

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