Landing Pages are Easy … Traffic is HARD!

Landing Pages are Easy … Traffic is HARD!

10 years ago creating solid landing pages was hard, and traffic was easy. Today, traffic is hard and landing pages are easy.

Traffic is hard because it is work. No work, no result.

The internet has changed EVERYTHING.

I like to watch documentaries on Netflix. Inside Bills Brain, The Great Hack, I am Not Your Guru, and many more are great to watch!

The one I watched last night was about the history of inventions. And this one talked about the bicycle; how it started and how it changed when technology changed. This impacted the way a bicycle was manufactured.

That change in technology, and the change in the way a bicycle was manufactured changed how people interacted. Suddenly, people could ride further, faster. Their social networks grew because of the bicycle. They now visited people farther away. This was made possible because of technology and how it was applied to the manufacturing of a bicycle.

The internet had the same impact 100 years later. Suddenly, you can email someone, or talk to them across the globe, wherever they are.

For a businesses this is BIG. Suddenly people across the world can find you and do business with you. Yes, some businesses are more local than others.

We are moving house soon. My new home-office will double as a guest bedroom. To maximize the space we are looking for a wall bed (also known as a Murphy bed). It took 5 minutes for me to find a local supplier. 10 years ago that was not possible.

I googled and visited their website. What a great website it is! They gave ALL the information I needed. They showed me solutions and the #1 thing they got right … they CREATED trust! You could see they have put in the work, the effort into their website. And that makes ALL the difference.

It is not just sending traffic to a page anymore. 10 years ago that worked well. Now, you have a lot more to do because your are not only competing with the business across the road, BUT also the ones you cannot see.

A friend bought tekkies and a motorbike racing pipe from an overseas supplier 5 years ago. He paid half the price compared to a local guy (delivered to him 2 weeks later). The local guy did not even realize they lost the business to an overseas company (hey, the economy is slow, people do not have money … NONSENSE!). He is NOT putting in the work!

With the internet being so open, and so accessible you need to think wider, test, improve and be where you client is. There is THINKING and WORK involved here.

Here is an example; I ask companies about their email marketing. The stock standard answer … yes, we send out a newsletter maybe once a month. MAYBE!?!?!

You have not realized the importance of:

  • #1) Building a database (list of potential and current customers)
  • #2) Communicating to your list (fortune is in the follow up)
  • #3) Using multiple channels (not just one channel)
  • #4) Adding value (this is the work)
  • #5) Build trust (this is even more work)
  • #6) Tracking results (this is thinking hard)
  • #7) Automate (even harder thinking)
  • #8) Use sales funnels (strategic, predictable results)
  • #9) Creating opportunities for people to buy (making more sales)

You have work to do and I can help you.

Get a marketing machine (more leads is NOT the answer), or Growth Plans.

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