Landing Page

Landing Page

What is a landing page? A landing page is a page a person lands on after clicking on an advertisement or link in a promotional campaign.

Most landing pages are part of a sales funnel and have a dedicated focus.

A dedicated focus means having a very clear call to action (or MWA … most wanted action).

For the most part there are 2 types of landing pages:

  • a) Lead Generation: A lead generation page aims to generate leads. Many companies use lead magnets as part of their lead generation campaign. This is building a list of potential clients.
  • b) Sale Page: This is a page focused on making a sale. You push traffic to this page using email, ads, or relevant links.

A website many times is designed to give information. Inside your website you could have these dedicated pages.

The major aim of a landing page is having a specific focus.

You can use various tools to create landing pages. We use a landing page builder.

It is important that your landing page builder keeps statistics. It must also be mobile friendly.

As a lead generation company we use landing pages often. This forms part of a sales funnel.

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