Do you know about Micro Sales Funnels?

Do you know about Micro Sales Funnels?

If your business is not growing, it is dying. Right?

Right. So what are you doing about it?

Jay Abraham is an American marketing guy. I have a bunch of his resources. One of the stories he tells is about an estate agency.

They worked on their marketing. He asked this question; where do most of your clients come from?

They did not know. So he suggested they go and look.

A week later they had an answer. 98% of their business is word of mouth. People telling other people.

Great! That is SO important to know.

Next question … so how much time do you spend on it? Answer? Zero.

Do you see the problem here? There really are 3 problems if you think about it.
1) They did not know where clients are coming from
2) Not spending time on their #1 channel
3) Depending SO much on ONE channel

Maybe you read in the news +Google is closing down. If your business was built around +Google you will be in trouble.

We worked with a client who was heavily invested in Facebook 4 years ago (back then over 50 000 likes). If Facebook closed his account he would be in trouble. Right?

Right. You get the picture. 

That is where micro sales funnels come in.

It is having multiple channels and funnels all focused on growing your business.

How do you grow your business? One strategy is having more people to talk to (we call this leads). There are others (I cover them in my webinar; register here).

Want to see proof? Here is a campaign I am running for myself. Yes, 58 new leads in 10 days from Facebook. Not bad.

Mini Sales Funnels
Mini Sales Funnels

How about a client? They have 11 of these micro funnels. Each one very focused with insanely high conversion rates. The lowest is 59%. This means, for every 100 people they get 59 leads. One of these are converting at 77% (for every 100 people they get 77 leads).

Mini Sales Funnels
Mini Sales Funnels

Interested in more? Here is how I can help:

Growth Hacking: This is where I help you grow your business. It is time intensive. Lots of work. Even harder thinking. Limited clients. Apply here. It is a short survey to see if I can help.

Lead Generation: We look at putting a lead generation campaign in place using lead generation tools and multiple channels. Details here. I call this a marketing machine.

Both of these solutions needs an advertising budget. It is the fuel that drives growth.

Need help with marketing? Check out these resources.

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