Keeping it real in marketing and sales

Keeping it real in marketing and sales

There is a lot of fake stuff on the web. If you just scroll through Instagram accounts you will see it. Especially about marketing and sales. Some people REALLY want to make it complicated.

I have been on a 12 month international development course. Peter, the guy who presented it, kept it real. Sometimes; so much, I wanted to close the webinar and walk away. He kept it real, and sometimes that hurts. When you know you should do something and you don’t that hurts. That fear thing gets in the way. And that fear thing sits between your ears; it is your mind feeding you fake information!

Fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Part of the course was marketing and sales. And part of that was from some international guys (these guys are rocking it!).

What is interesting to see is how each persons approach is different. That is until you start boxing it and you realize there are only 4 boxes. Yes, only four things you should be doing.

Those 4 things can be broken down into; channel, magnet, machine and sale. That is what marketing and sales is today. You are welcome.

Another common thread is this … keeping it real. Are you talking about subscribers, or people? In our marketing automation tool we talk about people.

You are a person reading this. I am writing for a person. For people. Not for subscribers. For you. If we had to sit at your office and have a cup of coffee this will be exactly the same type of conversation we will have.

Think about these companies; Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Virgin, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway … what do they have in common? A person keeping it real. You can follow them. Get on their newsletter. You see them in the news. Buy their books. Listen to podcasts. Watch movies about them. You can apply exactly the same strategy.

Why do you want to do that? You are seen as the “go to guy” for what you offer.

Interested in me helping you? I am going to keep it real; and I am not looking for just ANY company to say yes; only the right ones. The one where this is right for YOU. Where it fits with what you have and what you want to achieve. I have said no to people many times (last week was 2 of them). I explain it in more detail on this page. Only 10 spots on a 12-to-24 month programme (yes, there are quick wins; but marketing and sales is a long term game).

Growth Hacking … Get your 2020 vision right!

Results? More on the growth hacking page … and this client who just started (we are on day 3) … 109% improvement in cost per click on a search campaign. This means, he is getting 2 clicks, instead of 1. And, we have already had more traffic for 1/4 of the investment than before. This is Goolge Ads.

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