Join the conversation in your clients head

Join the conversation in your clients head

Yes, your client is having a conversation. In marketing you should join that conversation.

We have been doing a lot of campaigns for clients. Time and time again this theme proves to be working.

A client who is having a conversation about a problem in their head, needs you to join that conversation. Meet the client where they are at.

When you are misaligned to the conversation in their head, your marketing under-performs.

A recent campaign we are running for a client showed this again. We tested a couple different images. The one that won, every-time, an image showing the product.

This does not mean your results will be the same … it was just VERY interesting to see that for this client, a product image won.

By how much did it win, you ask? 250% better.

We would have never discovered this if we had not tested it. Most of the time showing a negative result of the product was used. This was never tested.

We compared a couple of photos with the same text. Even on different platforms the product image outperformed the others. Can you believe it?

Here is the thing … some of their customers are not even sure what the product looks like exactly! The product category has a specific image; and that is working very well.

In marketing, test. Test your assumptions. One change could drastically improve results.

That one change is usually test number 734.

It is not the second or third test. It is only after doing lots of test that you discover what works. That is what takes time, patience, and data. You cannot make decisions without the relevant information.

The data also needs to be statistically correct. Many companies do not test long enough to get the right winner. Testing your results for statistical significance is what supports your decisions.

What can you test?


What should you test?

The big things. Test headlines, images, words.

Yes, I know, sometimes people test the color of a button and get astronomical results. Or they add an image. Yes, sometimes that works. But, again, that is hundreds of test. Testing the big stuff moves you into the right direction, faster.

Where do you start?

A sales funnel. A what? Yes, a sales funnel. The reason is a sales funnel is a linear process. You can measure each step individually making improvements faster. Interested? Contact me to sales funnels working in your business.


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