It is dangerous not knowing your numbers

It is dangerous not knowing your numbers

When last did you check the numbers in your business?

When last did you check your budgets vs actual spend?

When last did you check website traffic?

When last did you check the number of leads?

When last did you check your sales numbers?

Checking these numbers at the end of the month is TOO LATE!

At a minimum you need to check these weekly (this is one of the reasons we give clients weekly reports). With these numbers you can create a dashboard to help you manage your business.

It is like flying a helicopter. If you did not have a dashboard with critical information … you will not be able to fly the helicopter.

Even your car has a dashboard to give you key information you need.

If you DO not have such a dashboard for your business; how will you manage it? How will you grow it? How will you improve it? It becomes IMPOSSIBLE to do without it.


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