Is your marketing blueprinted?

Is your marketing blueprinted?

Say what? In a previous life I worked on mapping processes. We used a tool called Aris process mapping. It is rather involved.

On one project I suggested a change in a process. This resulted in a R2 million saving. Yip, one change.

Without seeing the process it would not have been possible.

Why do you want to map a process? There are 3 key reasons:

1) It is a visual presentation of the process (you can see it)
2) You can do fault finding a lot easier
3) You can share the process with others to measure and improve it

Here is one of my blueprints (yes; it is also a sales funnel):

Sales Funnel

When you have a blueprint you are able to start measuring and improve your marketing and sales. Without a blueprint it is a lot harder to improve; even impossible.

Part of my advanced digital marketing is blueprinting your marketing and sales processes. From there we build and measure results.

Here are two recent examples.

1) A client is looking for people who are interested in what they offer. We build 2 landing pages (part of the funnel). The one page was short; the other a lot longer. Results? The longer page converted at 13% and the shorter page at 6%. The longer page performs 116% better. Your input cost is the same; the results are not!

2) Here is another client … traffic increased 32%, cost decreased 23% (yes, we saved R6000 on advertising per month), and leads up 24% (this is over 30 days).

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Honestly answer these 5 question:

  • Do you KNOW who your sales team SHOULD be talking to or are you relying on what they say?
  • Do you know EXACTLY how many searches there are online per month for your products / services?
  • Do you KNOW what your market trends are? Up, down, sideways?
  • Do you get WEEKLY management reports to make INFORMED decisions, not guessing at month end when it is too late to do anything?
  • Do you CREATE multiple opportunities for people to buy from you or are you HOPING for one time sales only?

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