How to improve ANY online marketing campaign

How to improve ANY online marketing campaign

There are 4 critical measurements when marketing online.

  • Cost per click: What is the cost of getting a click?
  • Cost per lead: What is the cost of getting a lead?
  • Cost per sale: What is the cost of making a sale?
  • ROI: What was your return?

When you know these numbers you can improve your marketing campaigns.

Let us look at some examples and how to improve each one.

Let’s say as a baseline we have:

  • Traffic: 100 visitors
  • CTR (click through rate): 10%
  • Leads conversion rate: 10%
  • Sales rate: 10%
  • Cost per click: R10
  • Average sale value: R1000

So, 100 people visit your website, you get 10 leads (10% lead conversion rate) and make 1 sale (sales rate). What is your ROI:

  • Cost per click: R10
  • Cost per lead: R100
  • Cost per sale: R1000
  • Sale value: R1000
  • ROI: 0

What is the easiest thing to do to improve results here? Improve your sales rate. Improving your sales rate to 20%, which means 2 in every 10 leads. Here is the impact on this campaign:

  • Cost per click: R10
  • Cost per lead: R100
  • Cost per sale: R500
  • Sale value: R2000
  • ROI: 3

WOW! One change improved this campaign from a 0 to a ROI of 3.

But why? You see sales is a high impact area. If you improve your sales process you see instant results.

What activities are in your sales process which will improve results? 

  • Your sales follow up process (it is not 2 steps, it should be more like 30 steps)
  • Fast response (pick up the phone and talk to the client)
  • Systems to handle leads (follow up, measure and track)
  • Sales skills (can they close deals?)
  • Professional quotes (how does your quotes look like?)
  • Reasons to take action now and not later

Do this and EVERY lead generation campaign you launch will have better results.







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