if someone just told me

if someone just told me

We saw some friends over the weekend. My youngest son and their daughter went to their first dance together. They have been friends since they were 4 years old. That’s 8 years ago. How time flies.

Her dad is a pilot. With the whole covid thing, he lost his job. He had to make another plan.

He asked a lot of people what to do next, looking for some ideas or direction. But nobody could give him a clear answer. His Plan B was to buy some “digital” currency. Unfortunately, Plan B involved people who took all the money. Couple of billion. This just before Christmas, when the news broke how these people ran away with it all. They are being looked for all over the world.

Long story short, he had to get Plan C going (he did), and looks like he will be flying again.

Moral of the story:

  • One source of cash flow is dangerous
  • Plan A does not always work
  • Ideas that work are worth a lot

The reason people buy books, listen to podcasts, or go on training is because we are looking for those golden nuggets of insight and wisdom. I saw a potential client, he said this … I want to know the mistakes you already made so I don’t need to make them.

In business we learn more from the mistakes we make, than the success we achieve. Mistakes etch themselves into our minds. And sometimes they burn and hurt deep into our soul. If someone just told me … there is a good chance someone did, we were just not ready for the lesson.

How many times have you read a book and did nothing from the new-found knowledge? I am re-reading a couple of books I bought this year for that exact reason. The goal is re-read a book 3 times and create something from the “new” found insight. This means, if you read a book 3 times AND implemented a bunch of ideas, you will have some results from it. Some feedback. One idea could change everything. The secret is acting on those ideas.

I found keeping a journal of your ideas helps. You never know when the next one will brighten your day. But, just as quick as it brightens your day, it might fade away in a moment, so write it down in your idea journal.

Interested in taking an idea to market? A good starting point is a micro campaign. A small campaign to test the water. Details here on micro lead generation campaigns.

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