How to use LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn

Have you wondered how to use LinkedIn? I know, there are SO many buttons and things to do. Where do you start?

I found it is best to start with a strategy. What do you want to achieve on LinkedIn? Is it to grow your network, make sales, build an audience, find a job, do LinkedIn marketing, run advertising campaigns?

Knowing WHY you want to use LinkedIn will help a lot with how to use LinkedIn.

When you know your reasons for using LinkedIn it is time to get to know the tool.

LinkedIn was bought my Microsoft a while back for $26 billion. This shows you how big LinkedIn actually is.

After this, LinkedIn had a big update. They changed the layout as well as functionality on LinkedIn.

The layout was a bit dated. Now it is fresh and more interactive. There is also a big drive towards using video on LinkedIn.

When logged into LinkedIn you can see a whole bunch of options and functions. Here is my screen when logged into LinkedIn.

I suggest you start working on the main buttons on top. This will give you an idea on what to do in each section. From there go into the details.

Interested in learning how to use LinkedIn? Have a look at this Online LinkedIn course – LinkedIn  Made Easy

Visit this page for corporate in-house training.

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