How to grow your business over the next 12 weeks

How to grow your business over the next 12 weeks

Why 12 weeks? Because I read the book “the 12 week year”.

Why not 12 months? There is too much that happens over 12 months.

Also; you want to see measurable results over time. Why wait 12 months to see results?

Growing your business is important for one BIG reason … if your business is not growing it is dying.

Businesses need customers. And customers come from marketing and sales. And marketing and sales comes from the decision to grow.

Grow your business. Why? Because you can. For the person it will make you.

There are thousands of ways to grow a business. What works best is keeping the focus on your ideal client and solving a problem for them.

The more valuable it is to solve their problem, the more money you make.

Solving a R1000 problem, will give you R1000.

Solving a R1 000 000 problem will you R1 000 000.

Do you see the correlation between the size of the problem, and the money you make.

If you solve a lot of small problems, you need a lot of small sales to generate and grow the business.

If you solve BIG problems, you need only a couple of sales to grow the business.

BIG problems typically come with more responsibility.

If you wanted to grow with R1 000 000 and you solve big problems, you will need one sale.

If you wanted to grow with R1 000 000 and you solve small problems, you will need 1000 sales.

Understanding the problem you solve, and the value of the solution will help you focus and grow your business.

Where do you start? The first action is setting realistic, measurable goals.

From there, list all the actions you need to take to reach that goal.

Take massive action on the list of actions. Measure and report on what you achieve doing those actions.

You cannot control the weather … you can only control your actions. Drive more of the right actions, and you will get more of the right results.

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