How to Add Polish and Sheen to Your Sales Funnel With a Video

How to Add Polish and Sheen to Your Sales Funnel With a Video

There is generally one main problem with most sales funnels. This is quite simply that they tend to be very low quality…

In other words, most of the offers we get to ‘work from home’ or ‘slim down with minimum effort’, are presented basically like spam. The logos are low resolution, the writing is substandard and the overall presentation looks like something somebody threw together in their spare time.

This is incredibly bad for marketing for this one main reason, it makes us wonder why this seller – who is apparently so successful – can’t afford to present their website a little better. This then undermines any good work that the marketer might have done regarding the product itself, the sales pitch or even the pricing structure.

So, if you are in a similar situation, then there is one key way you can get an edge: how about creating a video.

The Power of Video
Videos are fantastic for engagement and they can have an amazing impact on your customers by making your brand seem that much more professional and high quality. Generally, as soon as a video starts playing, most of us will instantly be engaged and find it hard to stop watching. Videos have a way of grabbing our attention which words and images just can’t match.

This is especially true if your video has a professional sheen and production value. If your video looks like it was made professionally, then this will gain instant trust and the assumption will be that your product also has a similar level of detail and effort applied.

How to Make High Quality Video
So, what do you need to do in order to make a high quality video that will reflect well on your business?

The first tip is to use a high quality camera. But even more important than that is to make sure that you have great lighting. This can brighten up video footage and make it look a lot more professional. The same goes for audio – make sure you have a good quality microphone. You can also plug a lapel mic into a smartphone to create some excellent quality audio for your videos.

Make sure you speak slowly and clearly, dress smart and remember to think about your backdrop – don’t stand in front of a pile of dirty laundry!

Finally, add an opening to your video, remember a logo and some bottom thirds and you will have a video that looks like it’s fresh out of Hollywood. Maybe…

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