how many leads?

how many leads?

How many new leads are you talking to on a daily basis? How many people in your target market are you reaching monthly?

So here are the stats you need to know … 

If your target market size is 200 000 people, you should be spending enough money to reach ALL of them at least ONCE a month. This is top of the funnel awareness building.

Did you know? 3% of the market is actively looking. This means, out of the 200 000 people, 6000 people are in the market looking. This is middle and bottom of the funnel.

The 6000 people who are engaging needs to have 5 to 10 touch points (this means different ads, offers, calls, messages, etc).

There is more ads on more platforms than ever before. All of these trying to grab attention.

Just having ONE advertisement running on ONE platform, will not easily move the needle.

There is a statistical tipping point where what you are spending, and what you are generating in income, makes sense.

The tipping point differs for every company. I did a comparison between two campaigns, both spending around R10 000 per month on ads.

One generated around R3 000 000 in sales. The other one less than R10 000 in initial sales, but has recurring revenue.

The difference between those two campaigns is the transaction value, profits made and business model.

Not all campaigns are the same. Not all businesses are the same.

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Remember, keep on marketing.

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