Google Core Update 2019

Google Core Update 2019

In June 2019 Google did another algorithm update. What was interesting is that they announced this update. Also; these updates are taking longer than before. The big reason being Google has massive data centers across the world. An update takes time to be rolled out.

What should you do when Google updates?

Keep an eye on your analytics. Are you seeing an increase, decrease or no big change? As with any updates, some sites see big drops, others see jumps in traffic.

These changes will always be there. So, to limit the impact on your website, you should focus on the right strategies. The short answer is; Google wants you to make a good website.

What is a good website?

If you read the recommendations from Google you will realize it is about:

  • Fast loading website
  • Good quality content
  • Mobile friendly

Google rewards you for a good quality website.

Why? There are 2 good reasons:

  • A fast loading site saves Google money on data (yes, Google uses a LOT of data)
  • More people will keep using Google because they deliver relevant results

Some of the Google updates are big updates; most of the time Google rolls out smaller updates. The game keeps on changing.

The web is about content.

SEO, search engine optimization, is a moving target. Websites rank differently on various factors. Having a quality website, with good content, mobile friendly helps keep your rankings.

The internet is evolving, your digital marketing should as well. 

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