Google Ads

We can help your business improve your Google Ads campaigns. Clients typically see a 30% to 300% improvement in 60 days or less.

Google PPC (pay per click), or Google Ads, is a very powerful marketing tool for any business. Whether you are a small company, or large business you can benefit from investing in advertising your business on Google.

Google Search Campaigns

A paid search advert ensures that your business can be found when potential clients search online, matching what you offer.

Be found when people are looking for product or services you offer

Fast results to get more people to your website

Measurable results

Be on the first page of Google

Google Display Campaigns

Google Display Ads are advertisements which are displayed on websites to people who are located in targeted areas and have shown an interest.

Wider potential reach

Lower cost per click

Create awareness in the market

Increase traffic to your site

Re-marketing campaigns

Google Remarketing Ads are advertisements that can be displayed on various websites to the people or clients who have visited your own website.

Online follow up with leads and clients

Lower cost per click

Increase traffic to your website

Extend your reach and be relevant

Sales Funnel Methodology

Sales funnels have proved to convert more leads into more sales. This is a focused approach to tackle a much wider audience. A sales funnel includes:

Complete sales funnel setup

Consistent improvement

Sales tracking from leads generated

Multiple campaigns to drive traffic, leads and sales

Here are some of the advantages of paid search on Google:

  • Increased leads: more traffic can lead to more leads
  • Increased sales: more traffic to your website can lead to more prospects and more sales
  • Your advertisements are shown on Google when people use it to search. It is the time when people are looking for products and services like yours.

We help businesses with finding and working on the advertisements and keywords that give you the best return. We talk to you about your campaign and look at ways to get better results.

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