Going to market? Are you ready?

Going to market? Are you ready?

I saw a post on LinkedIn saying the iPhone Steve Jobs presented was not working 100%. I decided to Google to see if that was true. Turns out to be true.

Here are two paragraphs:

The device that Jobs actually took onto the stage with him was actually an incomplete prototype. It would play a section of a song or video, but would crash if a user tried to play the full clip. The apps that were demonstrated were incomplete, with no guarantee that they would not crash mid-demonstration. The team eventually decided on a “golden path” of specific tasks that Jobs could perform with little chance that the device would crash in the actual keynote.

Jobs took the stage on January 9, 2007 in his trademark black turtleneck and jeans, saying “This is a day I have been looking forward to for two and a half years,” before showing off Apple’s revolutionary take on the phone. Grignon, by that time, was drunk, having brought a flask in order to calm his nerves. As Jobs swiped and pinched, some of his staff swigged and sighed in relief, each one taking a shot as the feature they were responsible for performed without a hitch.

Source: http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/04/behind-the-scenes-details-reveal-steve-jobs-first-iphone-announcement

Earlier this week I was lucky to spend time with two very successful business owners. They buy houses cash.

Each time I meet with them I learn more. You know the saying, if you are the cleverest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

They both have great ideas. The biggest difference is this. They go to market with an idea that is almost ready. It is workable. Not 100% perfect. From there the business model, idea, concept, product, service is refined.

They go to market! Nothing else counts. You can have a great idea but NEVER go to market.

It is only when the market VOTES with their wallets that you will know you have a winner or not.

And even when you have some wins it does not mean you have arrived. It takes some tweaking. Go ahead and develop your ideas AND go to MARKET! Nothing else matters. There are billions, upon billions of ideas.

Ideas are fleeting moments in time. They have little substance. It is only when there is fire behind an idea and it goes to market to get the market to vote, then you will know what works and what needs attention.

What do you need to go to market? You can start small. It means you have to hustle more. If you have a budget it means you see results faster. Important, if you have a marketing budget you need to know there is a tipping point when things start working. Below that tipping point you get invalid results. A tipping point is where something swings the other way. Stay on course and focus. Work on your idea and go to market for their votes.

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